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Silver Sage

Silver Sage is a 6th generaltion psychic from inter-generational Shamans.
She’s a 46 year old Native american. She was born with natural psychic abilities.
Silver Sage’s earliest memories are of Spirits; playing, visiting and by age 5 directing them to the Spirit World.
Witnessing and receiving information from Spirit is what makes her readings so comforting and healing.
Silver Sage is a psychic medium with clairvoyant, clarscent and clairaudience gifts. She has been doing Intuitive readings since 1994 & Tarot card readings since 1999. Since 2010, she provided Past Life readings and has been a Reiki Master since 2016.  


Silver Sage is truly a remarkable and wise woman who is in close connection to the Spirit. I seek her advice often, when I am facing either challenges at work or in my personal life. Silver Sages insights are accurate, as are her predictions. In addition to that, she helps me with excellent teachings in pursuing a more balanced and spiritual life that leads to peace of mind. I would advice anyone to look her up. Especially, but certainly not only those who are interested in connecting more with nature and with spirit.

G L:
Very variable, honest and spirit oriented readings.

Very great reading answered all my questions

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